Curriculum Approach for Kindergarten

Creating an atmosphere for Pre-Schoolers, where they are nurtured with affection, care, responsibility and happiness

Developing a comprehensive learning environment for every child

Keeping parents in the know-how about the total development of their children

Periodic trainings and assessment of all associated with early-childhood education

Resourceful teachers, smart technologies & V multi-sensory learning

Contributing to the larger vision to craft a better and brighter future

Curriculum Approach for Primary

In G.B. Public School curriculum is designed to bring up a child’s ability to accept a newer ideal focus from an accumulation of knowledge to critical thinking it takes into account the varying needs of children.

Primary bridges the gap between the Pre-Primary and the Primary Programme taking the students to the next level of learning exposing them more too real life situations. Hence situational pedagogical approach and experiential learning play a key role at this stage .The interdisciplinary approach continues at this stage too, which includes the integration of the following subjects:

 Languages (Tamil, Hindi, English)
 Environmental Studies (EVS)/Social Science
 Environmental Studies (EVS)/Science
  Arts and Craft

The Assessments at Primary Level adopts a bit more advanced level of evaluation than Pre-Primary. Apart from the Unit Test, Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments, the language skills like Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are also evaluated at stages. The Experiential learning adopted for Sciences centers on the maxim:

 We See

 We Wonder

 We Explore

 We Investigate

 We Discover

 We Share

 We Reflect

 We Act

Curriculum Approach for Middle School

Towards Academic Excellence …

To develop competent, self-reliant, independent thinking and discerning young learners,we give top priority to communication skills and concept formation. Our personalized education and individual flexi-learning programmes help students to realize their potential.

We have effectively adopted Integrated Learning across disciplines to ensure wholesome application-oriented knowledge gain.

The Middle School Curriculum focuses on creating a strong conceptual base in Science, Math and languages so as to enable the learner correlate the concepts learnt in real life scenarios and also develop an understanding of different cultures and competencies.

By encouraging exploratory learning and habit formation, our curriculum ensures that the student discovers his / her own learning style and perfects it over the years.

We follow the NCERT syllabus as prescribed by the CBSE Board and prioritize the acquisition of LSRW skills as a requirement for effective learning. The Literacy & Literary Association conducts ‘Scintillating Reading Programme’ and ‘Writing in the Right Way’ to accomplish these graded goals.

The middle school years are crucial to deepen the core skills of students, based on their interest and aptitude. Competence and character are given due emphasis at this developing stage.

Forging Futures!

We embrace a Learner-centric approach to cater to the individual learning styles of the child to impart NCERT Curriculum. Our learning modalities include

Exploratory assignments

Creative Projects

Audio-Visual presentations


Educational Tours


Talented & Gifted Students Engagement (TAG-E)

Activity-based assessment

360 degree Assessment, remedial learning &Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation in Middle School tends towards bridging learning gaps by providing a variety of learning activities and feedback of performance.

The students’ innate talents and social skills are honed through extra-curricular activities through SakthiKavinKalai Academy, Sports, National Level Olympiads, Cambridge English Certification Courses, National Teachers’ Council exams and Hindi PracharSabha Exams.

As early as in Middle School, every child is given an opportunity to organize events, take the lead in project work, celebrations and competitions. Furthermore, character-building through Sakthineri-the Value Education Programme, ensures that the students of GBPS evolve into individuals possessing integrity.

We at GBPS adopt an unwavering stance in instilling self-discipline and perseverance in every child while nurturing their physical, cognitive, linguistic and social development.

Curriculum Approach for senior secondary

The GBPS Senior Secondary unit offers complete guidance to students to attain their academic and career goals

Highly qualified and efficient teachers

Well-equipped Science Labs

Digitally enhanced learning through SmartBoard classes

Research & Development Hub

Coaching for NEET / IIT-JEE and other eligibility examinations (Cambridge, KVPY, SOF, NTC, NTSE Olympiads)

Career Guidance Programmes by Field Experts

Counselling for well-being by Educational Psychologists

Sakthineri – Life skills & Value Education Programme

Specialised Sports coaching by professionals

International Educational Tours

Comfortable Hostel facility

Safe school transport

Access to immediate Medical-aid

Courses prescribed by the CBSE under NCERT syllabus

Science Stream – 3 Groups

Arts & Humanities  Stream- 3 Groups

Programme - S1
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Comp.Science
  • English Core
Programme - S2
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • English Core
Programme - S3
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Comp.Science
  • English Core
Programme - AC1
  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Applied Math
  • Business Studies
  • English Core
Programme - AC2
  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Comp.Science
  • Business Studies
  • English Core
Programme - AH1
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • English Core

Skill Subject

1. Retail
2. Tourism
3. Beauty and Wellness
4. Front office operation
5. Multi Media
6. Fashion studies
7. Agriculture
8. Medical Diagnosis
9. Food Nutrition and Dietetics
10. Web Application
11. Typing/shorthand

Elective Subject

1. Fine Arts
2. Home Science
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Biotechnology
5. Engineering Graphics

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