The spirit of GBPS is evident in the four Houses of the School, namely, Dharma, Satya, Ahimsa and Shanti.(House logo) Under the care & guidance of the House-Teacher and House leader, the students fraternize to develop loyalty, responsibility and teamwork. The houses pave the path for healthy competition in sports, dance, music, debates and more, thus opening vistas to showcase their innate and acquired talents. Equally relevant are the clubs of GBPS – Scouts and Guides, Junior Red Cross and Go-Green, which help students to imbibe service as an essential part of education.

Sports We care about your child’s Health

Fitness and physical activity fosters physical and psychological development. GBPS children flourish on the field, learning teamwork, discipline, mutual respect, healthy competition, leading, communicating, collaborating and  much more!

GBPS Team at Kathmandu, Nepal at the Indo-Nepal Youth Sports Association Meet

GBPS – Building Characters …..

Sakthineri Programme

A value-education programme conceived and promoted by the Correspondent, Sakthineri is an integral part of the core curriculum where students are guided towards acquiring values and life-skills, encouraged towards reflection and introspection to refine themselves gradually and to worship nature by being active contributors to the conservation of our fragile environment.

Co-Curricular Activities